Need a tow? Maybe not. Maybe Alexandria Roadside Assistance can do better…without a tow.

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Towing Alexandria

What most people REALLY need is to get their cars fixed. Alexandria Roadside Assistance will come to your home, your office, or wherever you’re stuck, and diagnose and often immediately fix your car on site, without a tow. And because our coverage area is so tightly focused, we have been known to arrive in as quickly as five or ten minutes.

Sometimes, Alexandria Roadside Assistance finishes the whole job is in less time than the average wait time for a tow truck.

When you really DO need a tow, Alexandria Roadside Assistance takes care of that, too.

It is important to choose a good tow driver, because he protects your vehicle. Roadside-assistance plans can take too big a chance with your car. They normally send the cheapest bidder, from a broken system with long response times and too many damage claims.

Bryce says, “Even when I have to move your car, Alexandria Roadside Assistance is better, because I personally know the certifications, reputation, and experience level of your tow driver. The rates are reasonable, and in most cases, your existing roadside plan pays for it in full. There’s no red tape for you, because I submit the proper paperwork as a courtesy.”

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With Alexandria Roadside Assistance, you cover all your bases:
1. Immediate and permanent repair on site, with no towing, or
2. Immediately get your vehicle running, so you can make it home, where Rockin’ Romeo will permanently fix your vehicle, or
3. If you do need a tow, I’ll get you an experienced driver whom I know personally, with a proven record of top performance.
Blocking traffic? Please note: If your vehicle is blocking traffic, it’s important to call Alexandria Roadside Assistance immediately. City of Alexandria Police Department may be under pressure to move your car. Even if you think you’re OK, even if the police officer tells you that you’re OK for the moment, circumstances can change quickly, and you will lose control. Then you’ll pay Alexandria’s designated tow company at exhorbitant contracted rates for high-priority service, more than double the retail rates. To save you that money, Alexandria Roadside Assistance can usually respond within minutes and immediately either start you vehicle, or move it out of the flow of traffic, such as to a parking lot or legal parking space. Alexandria Roadside Assistance will cost much less, and normally, if you have a good roadside plan, it’s fully covered.


The following video has some good advice, including tips on effective and safe towing of vehicles: