Alexandria Roadside Assistance’s Mobile Mechanic Service — Repair and Routine Maintenance

The New and Best Way for Alexandrians to Take Care of Their Cars

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Now you have an easier and more-reliable way than ever before to maintain and repair your car.
Instead of YOU schlepping to a repair garage, bring Alexandria Roadside Assistance to YOUR garage. Instead of waiting at the end of a long line, you’re always the first and only person in line with Alexandria Roadside Assistance.
With Alexandria Roadside Assistance, exceptional convenience, convenience like you’ve never experienced, is the normal routine.
Locally owned and operated by your neighbor, an Alexandria homeowner.
You no longer have to accept the old method of blocking out valuable hours of your day, arranging for transportation, and enduring scheduling delays. With Alexandria Roadside Assistance, you can relax or be productive at home or at work, while Alexandria Roadside Assistance quickly and efficiently services your vehicle on site. In the case of some of the routine maintenance procedures, Alexandria Roadside Assistance completes the job in less time that it would have taken you just to DRIVE to a repair garage and back.
The convenience alone is enough, but our primary philosophy is to reduce your overall ownership cost. Alexandria Roadside Assistance maintains your vehicle in top condition, minimizing the risk of surprises. With the combination of reasonable rates and longer vehicle life, Alexandria Roadside Assistance can save you thousands over the long haul.

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Alexandria Roadside Assistance is nimble and efficient, with low overhead, and without the intense financial pressures faced by dealerships and neighborhood repair garages. They charge a lot for everything because they must do so to stay alive. Their steep overhead exerts tremendous pressure on the employees to push maintenance dates forward, add steep markups and extra charges wherever they can, and see only the most-expensive solution. Alexandria Roadside Assistance often finds simpler, more-thoughtful solutions costing a fraction of the inflated estimates presented by dealerships and repair garages.

Alexandria Roadside Assistance can afford to minimize your repair bill, because our success comes from long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

After experiencing Alexandria Roadside Assistance,

you’ll never go back to old “normal.”