First, try out Alexandria Roadside Assistance. Then, after you fall in love with the service, become a member! Save even more time over the non-member approach, save money on repair labor and roadside assistance, and elevate yourself to being a top-priority customer.

As a starting point, imagine the finest level of service available anywhere, then kick that up a notch. As a member, you set yourself apart, breathing the rarified air of Alexandria Roadside Assistance’s top-priority, core customers.

What is membership? Bryce’s answer: “All it really is, is you telling me, that you want to have simplicity, convenience, and peace of mind, by designating one conscientious and knowledgeable person to take of your vehicles, and that you want me to be that person.”
Alexandria Roadside Assistance rewards you in a tangible way for being a steady, reliable customer. New customers are relatively expensive. Alexandria Roadside Assistance rewards steady, reliable customer with discounted labor rates, priority-response status, and special, beneficial policies.

Yes, members pay less, which further improves ownership cost, but the primary benefits of membership are the simplicity and ease that it brings to your life.

Here’s how:
1) You save time, because routine maintenance and minor repair service come to you.
2) You minimize hassle. Call Bryce directly on his cell, day or night. No hold times, no interminable push-button menus with their delightful dead ends (“Goodbye”), no receptionists, operators, or dispatchers.
3) In the world we share, it continues to become increasingly rare to find situations where you can hand something over to a solid, reliable person, and know that it will be done right. Well, with Alexandria Roadside Assistance, you’ve found that. You can shift the car-care burden away from you and let go of it. Alexandria Roadside Assistance has a great reputation in the neighborhood for convenience, integrity, and skill.
4) Alexandria Roadside Assistance monitors your maintenance schedules, notifies you at proper intervals, and schedules appointments.
Bryce says: “Only you and our other neighbors who live near me are even eligible for membership. We’re talking a mile, or even half mile from my home. It’s possible that eventually, Rockin’ Romeo will be dedicated exclusively to taking care of members, who all live near each other here in Alexandria. Together, as a neighborhood, we’ll create a utopian paradise of oil changes and jump starts.”

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Here’s how it works:
1) As a member, you receive 20% off soft costs, such as labor for repair and maintenance, local roadside-assistance calls, and other in-house services.
2) As a member, for roadside assistance, we assign you the highest priority level for the quickest response times (higher than non-members, higher than first-time retail, higher than contract calls.)
3) As a member, you receive top priority in scheduling routine maintenance and repairs, for greater flexibility, closer to the date. Plus, we set aside a little time in the schedule, exclusively for members, to accommodate special situations and last-minute scheduling needs.
4) As a member, you have access to a menu of member-exclusive services, including pre-inspection safety inspections, advocacy services (to review, on your behalf, diagnoses and estimates for dealership-only major repairs, which can you save hundreds or thousands), and special low-cost mini appointments for trivial repairs.


You pay an initial membership fee. 100% of your initial membership fee establishes your initial balance. Then every month, you automatically pay a small monthly fee that increases your balance.
Soft costs draw down your balance. If your soft costs on a job exceed your balance, then you pay the difference at a 20% discount. Members pay normally for hard costs, such as parts and outside services. Outside services include towing, and outside labor.
Services covered under the customer’s existing roadside-assistance plan are excluded from the membership (the customer’s plan will reimburse the customer). Members have two years from the deposit date to deplete the funds before they expire. You can cease making new payments at any time, but payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you decide to stop the payments, you can continue to order services to deplete your balance.