Change the way you think of roadside assistance.

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Good roadside-assistance plans allow you the freedom to select your own provider. Every day, more customers are discovering that it’s faster, simpler, and easier to call Alexandria Roadside Assistance directly. Don’t call the toll-free number for your roadside plan. If you have a good plan, your service call from Alexandria Roadside Assistance will be covered at 100%.
For jump starts, tire changes, lockouts, and fuel deliveries, with a roadside plan or without, Alexandria Roadside Assistance is the best and most-reliable option in Alexandria.

Easier. Don’t call your plan’s 800 number. Instead, call Alexandria Roadside Assistance directly, and, if you have a good plan, it’s covered at 100%. (I’ll take care of verifying this first, to ensure that your plan is not one of those very few less-user-friendly plans.) There’s no red tape for you. The beautiful thing is, you make one, brief call to Alexandria Roadside Assistance. We take care of the rest.
Bryce says, “At 703-988-4120, you’re calling me directly, on my cell. I personally answer your call immediately. No toll-free numbers. No long hold times. No push-button menus with dead ends. No call centers. No operators. No dispatchers. No layers of middle men. No crashing apps. You immediately receive clear and accurate information, directly from me, the person who will be coming to get you back on the road.

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Quicker Arrival Time. Alexandria Roadside Assistance has arrived as soon as five to ten minutes after the customer’s initial call. When you call Alexandria Roadside Assistance directly, you can improve the response time by half or more.

Feel safe and secure. KNOW who will be coming to help you. Due to layers of middle-man contracts, your plan does not control which person will be coming to your home. Most of the technicians are fine, but with some plans, there is a small risk that they will send to your home a person with no knowledge, training, or experience, with old felony convictions or protective orders, or with a troubled history of multiple damage claims. Your roadside plan might have little to no control over that, but YOU have control. You can call Alexandria Roadside Assistance directly and ensure that your technician is your neighbor, a homeowner here in the City of Alexandria, the owner of the company, someone known within our community to be conscientious, skilled, and experienced, with a great reputation for integrity, and excellent references among the people who live along the streets nearest to you.

Save hours of hassle. Alexandria Roadside Assistance arrives with broad capabilities. The other technicians don’t. Sometimes, and you never know when, the going will get tough, and it will turn out that you need more than the basic service call. Alexandria Roadside Assistance can quickly get you back on the road, where the only thing the old-style technicians could do was shrug and tell you to call for a tow. Roadside plans can be narrow. Repairs–not covered. Anything unusual–not covered.

Did you know, that under the old, broken system, once your technician had driven miles to reach you, the additional amount he earned as take-home pay to actually complete the service, was as small as four dollars? How much extra work will he be willing to do for four dollars? That’s why it should have been no surprise that they often found excuses to abandon customers at the first whiff of trouble, damage risk, or delay.

By contrast, Alexandria Roadside Assistance arrives with diagnostic equipment and special tools, and the knowledge, skill, and experience to resolve just about anything. When it turns out that you need more than a basic service call, Alexandria Roadside Assistance is ready to smoothly dovetail to the solution you really need.
Save money and time, long-term. Reduce your ownership cost by protecting your vehicle with Rockin Romeo’s high level of skill and experience. Under the old system, technicians are unskilled, and usually have little to no training. With Alexandria Roadside Assistance, you preserve the mechanical integrity and smooth operation of your vehicle. You get accurate and thorough diagnostic information. You keep your life simple, today and in the future.

Improve your community. Each dollar is an economic vote. If you call the old 800 number, you are sending money to layers of middle men in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and elsewhere. If instead, you call Rockin’ Romeo directly, you cast your economic vote for your own community. You’re directing your roadside-assistance plan to put that money to work here in Alexandria.

Protect the environment. When you call Alexandria Roadside Assistance directly, instead of the old 800 number, you will protect the environment by dramatically cutting the amount of fuel burned by your technician to service your vehicle. You typically will reduce fuel consumption by 75%, but may be saving as much as 98%. Under the old 800-number system, the regional contractor demanded that the aptly-named “drivers” cover a fifteen-mile radius, driving as far as 30 miles between calls, possibly in large pickup trucks and SUV’s. They could burn as much as two gallons of fuel, and maybe more, on a single call to service your vehicle. By contrast, Alexandria Roadside Assistance is less than a mile from you. Bryce says, “By driving only a tiny distance in a fuel-efficient car, round trip I use as little as a single ounce of fuel to reach you. A few times, I’ve even walked.”

Do your part to manage insurance costs. Alexandria Roadside Assistance charges your insurance company less than they paid under the old, middle-man system. A customer’s records showed that the insurance payed about $59.00 to the middle-man companies for a basic service call. At $49.00, Alexandria Roadside Assistance saves that insurance company about 17% on each call.

Support a living wage. Under the old 800-number system, a huge portion of the fee, in typical cases 80%, went to the out-of-state middle men, with paltry leftovers paid to the technician as a flat fee. In Virginia, out-of-state middle men successfully make those technicians work as sub contractors, with no unemployment insurance, no workers’ compensation insurance, their own health insurance, paying their own auto liability insurance, even their own gas and maintenance on their own cars. Take out all those expenses, then take out self-employment taxes, then state and federal income tax, and you see that under the old-style 800-number system, there is very little left for the technician to live on. It is common for calls to require 30 to 45 minutes or longer, which can send the technician’s earnings well below the minimum wage. That means that people were routinely entrusting their cars to technicians earning less than starting employees earn in fast food. You can call Alexandria Roadside Assistance directly, eliminate the out-of-state middle-man plunder, and cast your vote for fairness and respect.