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Step away from the old way. With excellent, comprehensive car care that comes to you, Alexandria Roadside Assistance frees you to focus on more-important things, while improving your ownership cost.
Simple, economical, fast, safe, and secure. A quantum jump in common-sense convenience. Now you have an easier and more-reliable way than ever before to maintain your car. Once people get used to Alexandria Roadside Assistance, they never go back to the old way.

Independent, nimble, responsive, and locally owned…really, really locally.

Less than a mile away.

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Battery Replacement, Your Single Best Option in Alexandria
Roadside Assistance, Your Existing Plan Covers It
Mechanical Repair and Routine Maintenance, Smooth Sailing and Optimized Cost
Membership Option, Make Yourself More Important than Ever
Towing, Know which pre-qualified driver you will be entrusting your vehicle



1) Easy, Simple, Convenient

Alexandria Roadside Assistance keeps your life simple with amazing convenience. It’s what we’re famous for. You stay put. We come to you. You’re always first in line. Alexandria Roadside Assistance is FAR more convenient than any other option. And our maintenance philosophy smooths out your ownership experience over the long haul.

2) Speed (We’re Close to You)

Get back on the road quickly. Alexandria Roadside Assistance is quick, because we’re already here, in your neighborhood, less than a mile away. Bryce says: “You speak to me on my cell phone, directly and immediately, so you never waste time on hold.”

3) Security, Safety, Peace of Mind

KNOW who’s coming to help you. KNOW who’s performing the work.
KNOW whose hands are actually maintaining your car. Unlike dealerships or repair garages, with Alexandria Roadside Assistance, you are always speaking directly with the person who performs the work.
KNOW who’s coming to provide roadside assistance. You can surrender control and spin the wheel of fortune by calling old-style, toll-free number, as your parents did, and their parents before them. By contrast, with Alexandria Roadside Assistance, now you retain control, and turn to your own highly-qualified provider, a known entity in your immediate neighborhood.

Bryce is the owner of an established, well-respected business, and is a homeowner in your neighborhood, less than a mile from your house. Alexandria Roadside Assistance is certified, and a thoroughly-vetted and approved, contracted service provider for the largest roadside-assistance networks in the country, servicing customers of Geico, Allstate, USAA, State Farm, Progressive, Nationwide, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler, AT&T, Verizon, and many, many others.

4) Cost

Alexandria Roadside Assistance is devoted to lowering your ownership cost over the long haul. Instead of one-size-fits-all maintenance schedules that err on the side of caution, Alexandria Roadside Assistance improves your cost with tailored recommendations for routine and preventive maintenance, that are based directly on your preferences and on your vehicle’s specific needs.

Alexandria Roadside Assistance makes car care as easy as it should be

A recent customer comment, on Taney Avenue, near Fort Williams Parkway:

“Add Bryce to your address book. Over the last year he has done mechanical repairs, and, when my wife woke up to a flat tire, all she did was make a single phone call to Bryce. He arrived SEVEN minutes later, and took care of everything else, including sending the paperwork to Toyata Care. The service was fully covered. This morning, he replaced the headlight bulbs on my Lexus, which was no simple task. He ordered the parts, arrived at 6:30 AM, and took care of it. He also found some broken clips and an air-filter sensor that was not connected, so he addressed that too, all while I enjoyed the morning in the house. Very affordable service, less than the shop.”


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